British D’sire: Your all in one marketing solutions partner. 

British D’sire: Your all in one marketing solutions partner. 

British D’sire proudly announces the launch of its latest innovative solution for entrepreneurs. Keeping pace with the sudden boom in the entrepreneurial + start-up market. It has been observed that there has been exponential growth in the startup market in the last two years. According to a report by (McKinsey & Company, 2020), it was reported that 80% of the SMEs in the United Kingdom have experienced a revenue crisis owing to Covid-19. On the contrary, there has also been an increase of 14% in the start-up industry despite the pandemic according to data (UHY Hacker Young, 2021). 

British D’sire quickly realised that these SMEs were in need of a support system and hence today we strive to uplift those budding entrepreneurs and provide them with the appropriate marketing tools that may help their business reach its apex. Our new marketing solutions are revolutionary and we are certain that they are going to be a game-changing factor for all kinds of entrepreneurs.

British D’sire is your all in one marketing solutions partner, we provide businesses with support for all their marketing needs. We are a name that is synonymous with excellent customer service and fine-tuned marketing solutions for vendors. With millions of eyes supporting across the United Kingdom, British D’sire is bringing a change in the lives of its vendors as well as customers. 

‘Freedom to Choose’ is the motto we live by. We believe that freedom is the ultimate luxury and that everyone who is a part of our family should have the freedom to choose what and how they desire to buy and sell. As a leading provider of marketing solutions in the UK, British D’sire is designed to champion SMEs and support British brand’s growth. British D’sire is everyone’s marketing solutions partner, regardless of the size of their business. We cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses and uplift them. 

Being a part of the British D’sire family comes with its own set of benefits. Some of them include:

  1. Personalised seller stories: We understand that every business is unique, therefore we have a personalised approach to curating marketing material for your brand and products. 
  1. Digital assets: We create digital assets for you which can be used for all marketing and promotional activities and will be published on all our social media and communication channels.
  1. No hidden costs:  Most businesses come with a lot of hidden costs, which you get to know only after you start selling with them. We at British D’sire have no such hidden costs.
  1. Strategic planning and Organisation: We’re your step-by-step digital marketing guide. ​​We know that marketing can be confusing—we simplify the process so you only have to worry about your core business.
  1. Lowest Commission & Free listings on the marketplace: We charge only 5% commission from our vendors which is the lowest across all the marketplace. On top of it, we also provide free listings on our platform.
  1. Discounts and promotions: As a part of our marketing strategy we offer discounts from time to time and promote vendors’ products along various channels.
  2. British D’sire TV: We are soon going to launch a TV marketplace that will provide our vendors with an option of digital marketing on television, through which they can reach their customers directly. We are sure it will open new gates of opportunities for them.

We curate personalised marketing solutions on the basis of information shared by our vendors. Right from an initial induction call with the vendors to digital marketing on Sky TV, we provide them the right kind of tools that will redirect them towards growth. Interested in being a part of the British D’sire family? You may sign up here

British D’sire is ecstatic to announce the launch of British D’sire TV. This new service provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products not only on Sky TV but also on all our social media channels; including Facebook, Tiktok and youtube; As well as on the British D’sire marketplace, all across the United Kingdom. 

To be able to sell on British D’sire TV you first have to be a registered seller on our online marketplace. We welcome all entrepreneurs, and SMEs from all over the UK to sell on our online marketplace. Even if you are not based in the United Kingdom, but have an office or warehouse in the UK, you are able to join our family! For those of you who do not have any set up in the United Kingdom, but are looking to tap into the UK market, you may find more details on how to join the British D’sire family. Just get set and create an account on our online marketplace, list your products and start selling.

If you are already a registered vendor and are interested in taking your business to new heights through British D’sire TV, you can be a part of it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign-up on British D’sire TV and select your perfect plan.
  2. Send in your samples for production.
  3. Production takes place.
  4. Approve the content made for you and get featured on Sky TV.

Vendors can choose from a variety of plans that suit them best. We have got plans from the “free starter” plan to the “platinum” plan, which gives you the “freedom to choose” from various options. You may check out all our plans here.

The launch of British D’sire TV marks an important milestone for British D’sire as we continue to provide innovative solutions that help our clients succeed. British D’sire TV aims to offer high-quality, in-depth coverage of every vendor’s brand story and products. Whether you’re a fashion designer or glassblower, on British D’sire TV you can showcase your brand all over the United Kingdom.          

We believe that independent entrepreneurs who have been impacted by the repercussions of the pandemic will majorly benefit from the variety of services we have to offer. Our main goal is to build on their already existing clientele and expand their network, in order to boost their sales. 

In the times when small businesses are finding it difficult to stay in business, British D’sire is providing everyone with a platform to build off. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help with everything from social media to SEO to email marketing, and we’re confident that we can deliver exceptional results for our clients.  As they say, a true revival is nothing less than a revolution, we are ready to bring out a revolutionary change in everyone’s lives. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the British D’sire family and can’t wait for you to witness and experience your brand flourish! 

Are you ready to conquer new heights in your business? Book an appointment with us today!